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Prof. Peter Križan

I am a professor at the Department of Physics, Faculty of mathematics and physics, University of Ljubljana, and a researcher at the Experimental particle physics department (F9), J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana. I spend a sizeable fraction of my time in Japan as a researcher at the Belle II experiment at KEK, Tsukuba, and as a visiting professor of the Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute, University of Nagoya.

My research is focused on precision flavour physics, a very interesting and hot part of elementary particle physics. I carry out experiments with the Belle and Belle II detectors at SuperKEKB, an electron-positron accelerator in Tsukuba, Japan, investigate novel identification methods based on Cherenkov radiation, and look for their applications in detectors for medical imaging. Here come more details on my research and conference talks and publications.

I have acted as the first spokesperson (scientific leader) of the Belle II experiment, and have served as the Technical Coordinator of the experiment in 2015-2020. I have also been on the LHCC committee at CERN (2015-2019). At present I am chairing the Subsection of the Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Sciences of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. I am also the president of the Scientific council of the Slovenian funding agency ARRS.

I also enjoy teaching physics and talking about physics to general public, writing blogs and tweeting about my research and beyond.

In my spare time, I cycle, hike and ski, and enjoy reading good books.

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