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FAIME researchers report at the RICH 2022 conference in Edinburgh

The RICH conference series covers the development and applications of ring imaging (RICH) detectors, one of the main tools for identification of charged elementary particles. The series is one of the core instrumentation series in experimental particle physics with a long tradition of regular meetings every three years since 1993. The program of the series is steered by a standing International Scientific Advisory Committee where as one of the regular members is Samo Korpar, a collaborator of FAIME.

The eleventh edition was held in Edinburgh on September 12-16, 2022. It attracted almost one hundred participants with 51 oral presentations and 27 posters. Since one of the essential components of the FAIME project is the development of advanced particle identification methods, mainly involving Cherenkov radiation, it is no wonder that we had a number of presentations there.

Operation and performance of the Belle II Aerogel RICH detector was presented by Kenta Uno (Niigata), Luka Šantelj reported on recent developments in data reconstruction for the aerogel RICH at Belle II, Marko Starič on the determination of bunch-crossing time at Belle II with the TOP counter. Anja Novosel had a poster on her recent results on muon vs. pion separation at low momenta, Rok Pestotnik on the slow control system of the ARICH detector, and Andrej Lozar on a study of new aerogel radiators for the LHCb RICH upgrade.